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Wednesday, January 18

Blogosphere meets Shtiklesphere

To be completely honest, I'm not a big fan of blogs. However, as the blogosphere underwent its exponential growth in popularity, I saw an opportunity to expand the reaches of the Weekly Shtikle. I saw two main purposes a blog would serve:
  1. Every now and again, I will get a comment or two vie e-mail from a Weekly Shtikle reader. While we might engage in a valuable exchange which enhances, challenges, or maybe even corrects the shtikle, it is shared only amongst those parties who engage in this exchange. If these exchanges were centralized in a blog, it would facilitate wider participation and exposure.
  2. Very often I (or a reader) will have a valuable small thought on the parshah. I generally like the shtikles to have a significant size to them and some thoughts and observations are merely deemed not "shtikle-worthy." A blog would provide a forum where all thoughts, big or small can be presented

And so, on the occasion of the beginning of Sefer Shemos, I have finally taken the dive and started the Weekly Shtikle Blog. I encourage all readers to share all their comments on the shtikle as well as any independent thoughts on the parshah, although all content will be monitored and screened. Also, please tell your friends about the Weekly Shtikle and its blog, להגדיל תורה ולהאדירה.

While is probably the best and easiest place to put this blog, I was attracted by the Baltimore flavour of and decided it would be nice for the Weekly Shtikle Blog to have some of that Baltimore flavour as well. In my infinite indecisiveness, I resolved to set up both blogs (the Baltiblogs one is taking some time to set up) and do my best to have the content mirrored.


Blogger Shtikler said...

Thank you for the continued encouragement. However, first comment honours go to Anonymous

I guess you get the honour of the first "named" comment.

1/23/2006 9:38 AM  

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