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Friday, January 20

פרשת שמות - The long and the short of it

So, the first week didn't really go too well. I wasn't able to get things out in a timely manner. Hopefully, we'll have better results for פרשת וארא

The following observation was told to me by a friend from the sefer Tosafos Brachah. When R' Baruch Epstein, author of Torah Temimah and Baruch She'amar came to America, he delivered a speech in which he brought a reference from the Torah concerning our standards of modesty when it comes to dress, that our clothes are longer and more concealing than those of the gentiles. When HaShem tells Moshe about the forthcoming exodus from Egypt, he is told (3:22) that the women will ask of her neighbours silver, gold and clothing and they will put it on their sons and daughters. Why could the women not wear the clothing themselves? It must be, therefore, that the clothes that the Egyptian women wore were not big enough for the modest B'nos Yisroel and they could not wear them and so, they had to give it to their children to wear. What would have been small on Egyptian children was a perfect fit for theirs.

שבת שלום
Have a good Shabbos.


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