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Sunday, March 11

ועשה בצלאל

:מפי הרב יעקב משה קולפסקי, זצ"ל

ועשה בצלאל ואהליאב וכל איש חכם לב

The above פסוק seems to be recounting בצלאל's working on the Mishkan as the Targum, "ועבד", seems to indicate. However, מהרי"ל דיסקין points out that the pesukim that follow tell of Moshe's calling upon Bezalel and Ahaliav to do the work on the Mishkan. Surely, it is not possible that they did the work before they were called upon. He suggests that the Targum is an error and should rather reflect an imperative tense rather than a past tense. This pasuk should in fact be connected to the previous pesukim and are in fact a command that Bezalel and Ahaliav will work on the Mishkan. (According to Biblical grammar the word may be read either way.) The fact that this is the beginning of a perek should also be ignored as these are markings that were inserted by the Christians and thus, we are surely not bound by them whatsoever.

Because of this, שערי אהרן suggests that when doing שנים מקרא ואחד תרגום, one repeat the תרגום on this פסוק according to the מהרי"ל דיסקין's interpretation in order to cover one's bases.

The fascinating thing about this pshat, as R' Kulefsky tells over, is that when they told this to the חזון איש, he right away replied that it is in concurrence with רש"י מכות י"ב. ד"ה ורצח where he brings this very pasuk as an example of a command. The Rogotchover, in צפנת פענח also references that רש"י.


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