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Friday, September 28

The Weekly Shtikle - Ha'azinu

    In the concise, yet powerful, rebuke contained in this week's parsha, we are warned (32:26) of a time when HaShem will consider our utter and complete destruction, to put an end to us and our memory. However, HaShem will hold back for the reasons explained in the very next pasuk. "Were it not that I dreaded the enemy's provocation, ... lest they should say: Our hand is exalted, and it is not HaShem who has wrought all this." It is the enemy's blasphemous arrogance that truns HaShem's anger to them and spares us.

    It is easy to read this or observe this and allow it to pass over as simply a "close call." But that is clearly not sufficient. In order for HaShem's rage to be turned toward our enemies, we must make sure to possess the very merits they lack. If they are to meet their demise because they were unable to see HaShem's Hand in their victory, then certainly it is incumbent upon us to see HaShem's hand in our defeat. When difficult times are upon us, we must not lose sight of the fact that everything is part of HaShem's plan. If we are able to face adversity and accept that it is HaShem's will, it is that very virtue that causes HaShem to turn His wrath from us upon those who refuse to acknowledge His Divine Hand.

    This is indeed a task not to be taken lightly and perhaps one that evolves over the generations and the various challenges we face as a nation. When we face Godless and faithless enemies relying completely on their own might and not recognizing any Divine intervention, this distinction is easily made clear. However, an enemy claiming to serve and fear God and act on His will demands an even greater level of faith from us. It is imperative for us to emerge as the true believers in order to ensure that HaShem's wrath is directed at our enemies. 

Have a good Shabbos.

Eliezer Bulka

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