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Friday, December 6

The Weekly Shtikle - Vayeitzei

A number of years ago on Simchas Torah, when I finally got my hakafah, I was holding my daughter. I had no choice but to hold the sefer Torah in one arm and my daughter in the other. As I carried them both around the bimah a friend came up to me and said, "I now understand the meaning of Levi's name."


When Levi, Leah's third son, was born, she said (29:34) "hapa'am yilaveh ishi," this time my husband will accompany me. When Leah had but one son, she was certainly capable of tending to his needs on her own. Even when the second was born very soon after, she was still plenty capable. After all, if she had two arms, she could hold two babies. However, once the third was born the babies outnumbered the arms. Leah couldn't possibly take care of the three boys on her own. Certainly, it would be necessary at this point for her husband to lend a hand. She therefore named him Levi.


It was seeing me with my two hands full and the inability to handle anything else that inspired my friend to come up with this interpretation of Leah's words. And, as a nice follow-up to that story, we were blessed that year with another girl, our third child.


Now, while this interpretation might have been the product of spontaneous inspiration, there is actually quite a precedent for it among the commentaries. It is apparently found in Chizkuni and Alshich as well as R' Chaim achi haMaharal in Igeres Hatiyul, Chelek haPeshat.


Have a good Shabbos.

Eliezer Bulka

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