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Friday, May 17

The Weekly Shtikle - Emor

On another occasion we have discussed some interesting perspectives on the meaning of the term sefiras ha'omer and the role it plays in connecting Pesach to Shavuos. I recently saw an intriguing perspective from Noam Jacobson, whose creative videos continue to entertain while providing deep insights on the parsha on a weekly basis.

In our parsha, the name of the upcoming chag is not even mentioned. We are simply told (23:16) that it is after counting 50 days from the bringing of the korban omer. Even a date is not provided as Shavuos could technically fall on any one of three days before we had a set calendar. In this sense, Shavuos represents the holiday which is the dominion of man. We are in control of the date on which it falls.

Conversely, he understands the word omer – as used as a measurement – to be a callback to the omer per person that was collected of the mann each morning. The mann represents our complete and utter reliance on HaShem for all of our sustenance.

We may now understand Shavuos as the perfect confluence of our own handiwork and that of HaShem. We are commanded to bring two loaves of bread as an offering – loaves which we ourselves have produced by cutting wheat, grinding it into flour, kneading and baking it. As we offer it as a korban we are reminded of the lesson of the mann that no matter how much toil we put in to our sustenance, it is ultimately all from the grace of HaShem.

(I highly recommend viewing Noam Jacobson's far more entertaining presentation on his YouTube page.)

Have a good Shabbos.

Eliezer Bulka

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