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Friday, May 10

The Weekly Shtikle - Kedoshim

As we have mentioned many times, Kedoshim contains the most mitzvos per pasuk of any other parsha – 51 mitzvos in only 64 pesukim. The potpourri of various types of mitzvos really runs the gamut. However, there is one aspect of the parsha that stood out to me, going through the parsha. With the apparent lack of direct connection between the mitzvos discussed, one might have expected more divisions between the pesukim with a samech or peh. However, you have to go quite far in the parsha before you encounter the first break. Contrast this with Mishpatim, for example, where there are many breaks between the pesukim.

I wasn't quite sure where to even look for someone who discusses this but I have come up with a basic, rough idea as a theory of my own. There is a well-known discussion between the commentaries – Rashi and Ramban foremost – about the exact definition of kedoshim. This is understanding the term as a specific idea which stands on its own. However, we can also understand the kedushah as that which is attained through the performance of all of the mitzvos, each adding to one's level of kedushah.

Perhaps this idea is conveyed in the inclusion of so many mitzvos in one block without a break. This allows us to understand the leading pasuk of our parsha not (just) as a commandment unto itself but as a means of introduction to everything that follows.



In case you hadn't heard, this shabbos we read the rarest of all haftaros – one we haven't read in 27 years. It is read on average only once every 17 years. This concludes the Year of the Rare Parsha (as explained in the linked article.) Also, see this entertaining shiur by Rabbi Dovid Heber for more insight.


Have a good Shabbos.

Eliezer Bulka

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