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Friday, March 23

The Weekly Shtikle - Vayikra

This past Wednesday, 2 Nissan, was the first Yahrtzeit for my Bubbie, o"h. This week's shtikle is dedicated in her memory and marks the end of one year of shtikles dedicated in memory my dear Zadie and Bubbie, HaRav Chaim Yaakov ben Yitzchak and Yehudis bas Reuven Pinchas.
    Unfortunately, I have more questions without answers. Part of this week's parsha deals with the many different flavours of Korban Minchah. First, as we are introduced to the concept of a Minchah in general, we are told (2:1) "veyatzakta aleha shemen, venasan aleha levonah. At the end of the perek, however, regarding the Minchas Bikurim, we are told (2:15) "venasata aleha shemen, vesamta aleha levonah." My two simple questions are as follows:
1) What is the essential difference between these terms - veyatzakta, vesamta, venasata?
2) Why do these terms change even when talking about the same substance?
    I am having difficulty making any frankincense of all this.
Have a good Shabbos.


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