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Friday, August 20

The Weekly Shtikle - Ki Seitzei

Regarding last week's discussion of the different rules for a newly married man, I received the following interesting feedback:

The Chazon Ish was once asked by an IDF commander if he has a choice to send either a bachelor or a married man with kids on a life-threatening mission, whom should he send. The Chazon Ish said to send the married man with kids. Why? Because the married man has kids to continue his genealogical line whereas the bachelor has nobody. Likewise, a married man with kids, though he worries about those he leaves behind, nevertheless, is leaving behind someone to continue on after him. But the newlywed has nobody. Therefore, he worries more.

I found this psak rather interesting. As many throughout the world are engaged in much speculation over what, if anything, Israel will do about Iran's nuclear sites, I was recalling the blatantly miraculous events of June 7, 1981, when the Israeli Air Force destroyed Iraq's Tammuz nuclear reactor. As the story goes, Ilan Ramon, a"h, was the youngest pilot on the mission. He was also the only bachelor. He volunteered himself to fly the lead position because all the other pilots had families. 


Please see the following discussion concerning whether there is a need to fulfill the mitzvah of Zechiras Amaleik this shabbos.


If you have a few extra minutes, this cute game was developed a couple of years ago to demonstrate the mitzvah of "Shiluach HaKein." The site which hosted it is not up anymore but I was able to rescue the file and host it:

Have a good Shabbos.

Eliezer Bulka

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