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Friday, March 25

The Weekly Shtikle - Shemini

This past Wednesday, the 17th of Adar II, marked the third yahrtzeit of R' Moshe Fuller, z"l, of Ner Yisroel. This week's shtikle is dedicated le'iluy nishmaso. Here is a link to what I wrote following his petira three years ago.

Exciting news: I am happy to announce a new sefer that just hit the market. A long-time friend and avid Weekly Shtikle reader, R' David Farkas, has published Ha-Doresh Vi-Hamivakesh, a work more than a decade in the making. It is full of illuminating and original insights not only on the parsha but on the entire Tana"ch. He has been quote a number of times here and I believe I am quoted in the sefer on occasion. I urge you all to take a look ... and buy the book. (Use Coupon Code SPRINGREAD for 20% off)

The pasuk says (9:7) regarding Aharon's personal chatas offering that it should be an atonement for him and for the nation. R' Moshe Mintz of Ner Yisroel asks why Aharon's korban involved an atonement for the nation. The Ohr HaChaim answers that Aharon's involvement in the sin of the Golden Calf was brought about by the nation who coerced him into aiding them in the making of the Golden Calf. Therefore, the nation could not achieve a full atonement until Aharon, for whom they were responsible, achieved his own atonement.

Rabbi Mintz explains the important lesson that is learned from this. We must be ever so careful with all our actions within the "kahal" for all of our actions have a spiritual effect on the kahal as a whole. If one were to (chas ve'shalom) have a part in leading another to sin through his actions, full atonement can only come once all involved have achieved atonement.  

Have a good Shabbos.

Eliezer Bulka

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