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Tuesday, January 6

Rabbi Ben Zion Rivkin, ע"ה, on שמיטה

Linked below, find a shtikle Torah on the topic of מלאכה on שמיטה written by Rabbi Ben Zion Rivkin, ע"ה who passed away on the י"ג כסלו. תשע"ה, shortly before his 57th birthday. Rabbi Rivkin served as Rav of Bais Medrash Hagadol in St. Louis, MO (before it merged with what is today U. City Shul) and authored many Torah essays that appear in various Torah journals published in ארץ ישראל and the United States. His father, Rabbi Shalom Rivkin זצ"ל served for many years as the Chief Rabbi of the St. Louis Jewish Community.
Less than a month before his פטירה, Reb Ben-Zion wrote a letter to his cousin in Baltimore, Rabbi Dovid Heber with the following request: “I also wanted to ask you. I published a[n]…article in 1994 [Elul 5754] in the Hadarom on Melocho on Sheviis….Being that this year [5775] is a Shemita year I would like to have it republished somewhere…..Thank you in advance.”
מצוה לקיים דברי המת
There is a special מצוה to fulfill the words of the deceased. Therefore, in an effort to re-publish this article as early as possible in this שמיטה year as well as reach a wider audience, I have been asked to publish this shtikle Torah,  להגדיל תורה ולהאדירה – thereby fulfilling the request Rabbi Rivkin, ע"ה made shortly before his פטירה. If you are interested in re-publishing this article in a printed קובץ, or you know of someone interested, please let me know.

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