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Friday, March 30

The Weekly Shtikle - Tzav

    In this week's parsha, the Korban Todah is discussed. The Todah is brought as a thanks to HaShem for one of four reasons discussed by Chazal. The Todah consists of a sacrifice and 40 loaves of bread. Netzi"v, in Hemek Davar points out that even though the Todah is a Shelamim sacrifice whose prescribed time for eating is a day and a half, the Todah may only be eaten that night. This, in addition to the excessive bread requirement will make it impossible for the "ba'al hakorban" to consume everything on his own and thus he will have to make a party for all his friends wherein he will praise HaShem in public, in order that he not leave over any of the Korban after the night. This, suggests the Netziv, is the reason why the Torah commanded the bringing of the Todah in this fashion.

    With this concept, the Netziv (in Herchev Davar on the bottom of Hemek Davar) explains the pesukim from Tehillim that we recite in Hallel: "L'cha ezbach zevach toda, uv'shem HaShem ekra", L'cha ezbach refers to the korban (animal) which is referred to as a zevach Todah. Uv'shem HaShem ekra refers to the public thanks to HaShem that is given at the gathering of friends. "Nedarai laShem ashalem" refers to the korban and in "negda na l'chol amo", the word negda comes from the word lehagid, to tell, referring to the telling over of HaShem's praise that will take place at the gathering. Finally, "bechatzros beis HaShem, besochechi Yerushalayim" would at first glance seem to be contradictory for bechatzros etc. clearly refers to the boundaries of the Beis HaMikdash whereas besochechi Yerushalayim refers to the entire city. However, according to the Netziv's interpretation it is clear that bechatzros beis HaShem is referring to the korban which is brought within the courtyard of the Beis HaMikdash. The meal in which the bread is eaten, however, will broadcast HaShem's praise throughout all of Yerushalayim.

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