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Friday, January 23

The Weekly Shtikle - Bo

לכבוד שבת "ואת בכורינו הציל"
(Yes, I know, not a precise quote)
This week's shtikle is dedicated bizchus a refuah sheleimah to our son, Efrayim Zalman ben Haviva Itta, who is currently recovering from appendix surgery earlier this week. He will still be in the hospital over shabbos.
The systematic destruction of the Egyptian empire culminates in this week's parsha with the completion of the ten plagues. As the showdown reaches its denoument, Paroah declares in a fit of rage (10:28) that Moshe dare not show his face (literally, dare not see Paroah's face) again at the penalty of death. Moshe seems to calmly respond, "no problem," declaring that indeed he would not see Paroah's face any more. But Moshe's action were all according to HaShem's instructions. How did Moshe know he could provide Paroah with such an answer?
Ohr HaChayim is bothered by this very point. His explanation is in parshas Vayeira. HaShem is giving Moshe a brief synopsis of what is about to happen. After explaining that He will harden Paroah's heart and punish him accordingly, HaShem states (7:4) "And Paroah will not listen to you and I will send My hand upon Mitzrayim." Ohr HaChayim declares that this statement would seem otherwise superfluous, given what had already been stated. Rather, he understands this as a very clear sign being given to Moshe, as to when the redemption will truly kick into full gear. Throughout the plagues, there was much dialog between Paroah and Moshe. But Moshe was instructed that once that channel of communication is closed, that is when the exodus from Mitzrayim is truly at hand. Paroah's decree that Moshe shall not meet with him any more was the sign Moshe was waiting for and he knew that would indeed be the case.
Have a good Shabbos.

Eliezer Bulka

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